Cheap Good Running Shoes

Running ShoesYou don’t have to spend a fortune on running shoes to get something that is right for your foot type. Cheap, good running shoes are available, but you have to know what to look for and then where to look. And you also have to be careful of absurdly cheap deals. Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for.”

Before you decide what type of running shoe to buy, you have to know what foot type you are. This will basically fit into one of four categories:

Foot Type0 and 1 = high arches     2 = neutral     3 = flat feet

Initially you can gage this by self examination, with your foot placed on a hard surface and by the use of a probing finger. But one of the best ways to determine it is to get some expert foot analysis at a dedicated sports shoe store. Once this is done and you have a good idea of what you are after, you can then shop around and score those good, inexpensive running shoes you deserve.

Obviously the first place you’ll look in is the specialty running shoe store where you got your analysis done. However, before buying the first shoe they recommend, ask if there is a cheaper brand and then compare the two for comfort and feel. If you like a particular brand but it seems a bit pricey, ask them if they’ll do a discount for you. You’ll be amazed at how often this pays off.

Of course you don’t have to buy anything there at all. Having got your analysis data and your choice of shoe in mind, you can then head off into the wide world looking for the same shoe at a cheaper price elsewhere. Try a variety of shops if you feel you need the exercise, or just go online where the choice of supplier (and the bargains) is almost endless. Remember, you’ve already done your research in the shops, so it should be easy to now pick out something at a great price from one of the multitude of online retailers doing good deals on running shoes.

It is certainly possible to buy a pair of cheap, good running shoes, provided you remain realistic in what you are prepared to spend. After all, you may get something at a bargain basement price, but if the shoe is uncomfortable and worse, causes you an injury while running, then ultimately it will have been a waste of money. Good hunting!

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